Extinction Wars
Extinction Wars is a Block Chain game based on the Worldwide Asset eXchange WAX, created by Yokai Studios. Extinction Wars follows the story of the different tribes and nations who managed to thrive in the radioactive wastelands of the world by either exploiting the now scarce earth resources through alchemy or fighting to survive in this new reality. On it's first season the game will follow the story of two nations, The Silkhs and Arakthnets.
Extinction Wars is a deep Click-To-Earn web-browser game (With the upcoming mobile and desktop clients) planned to become a mmorpg in the future. The game takes place in the year 2356 with people struggling to survive. The ones who doesn't have enough Onyx (Our main token) will perish.
We in Yokai studios have been pretty dissapointed with the nft games that came out recently as most of them were lacking basic economic concepts, lore wise or even security flags, so we decided to make our own. Mainly focused on a long lasting experience and economic sustainability.
Extinction Wars was born as a project to help out, those people in need of a steady income on the NFT Metaverse. So we are hoping to deliver the best game experience so get ready to check our project!
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